Wednesday, November 16, 2011

4.6 A recent purchase

I recently purchased a whole bunch of old cameras cause I collect them. hint hint nudge nudge (Christmas presents please)

Chantelle Rautenbach

I have an extreme addiction to swim wear. I trawl the shops to see what's new, and buy almost every bikini that I like. It's terrible.

Anyway, this is my most recent purchase! I love mix-match bikini's, and here is a great example. Neon orange and black. Winner when I have a tan! Pale as a vampire right now!

Nici. xx

I wish this was a recent purchase…I know I wrote about this in a post the other day but I love Jimi Hendrix, and I love anything original. There was a young guy handpainting shirts in Brazil and I bought one of his Jimi Hendrix shirts. I really wish I bought the other one in this photo - I didn’t buy it because he was smoking. Hahah. I’m a retard.

Not so recent but recent in a way that I recently decided to start a summer eating plan so I can wear these beautiful things. R15 from my little suburb's secondhand shop.


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