Sunday, November 13, 2011

3.6 A SMILE says a thousand words

when i think of smiling, i think of warmth, yellow, fruit, laughter, vibrance
Sri Lanka - Two little muslim girls on their way to school. they giggled away while posing 
i love the feeling this image gives me - it makes me SMILE
Chantelle Rautenbach

This is a photo from a shoot I did a few days ago, and I love the emotion in it - it's a truly happy smile! Thanks to Amy for modelling!

Nici. xx

I don’t have a clue who these kids are, but they are beautiful!
 They're living in the old Army houses on the Bluff and 
we passed them while driving to take photos of the one view point nearby. 
What happy little humans. They started posing as soon as they saw my camera. ha.
 I'm so glad I saw them - the girl and the little gangster kid are too cute!


X o X o, Amy said...

Anytime Nici-nu :) thanx for photo-taking :P such a talented friend I have xxxx

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