Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7.1: A Pet

These are my 7 lovely pets. 
from top right: 
Rosy, Elliot, Ashley, Tabasco, Diego, Phoebe and Charlie. 
There is a repeat picture of Diego as i needed another picture. and the flower isn't my pet either. 
anyway, i love dem animals. :) 

I cheated a bit... I took these photos yesterday afternoon, coz I can't post today, I am
literally about to leave to go to Daisies!

These are my pets, my two crazy dogs. Jessie (right) and Jordan (left).
We found them on Gumtree, these people were selling them to get some money, and when
we saw them, they were so thin and underfed, it was terrible to see them in that condition. They
were the last two puppies left, and we couldn't bear to separate them, so we took them both.
They were back to health in no time, and now 2 years later, loving life!
Aw, love them so much!

Nici. xx

Jeeeees I miss having my own camera and memory card!
Anyway, This is Marmaduke.
He's been my pet for about 3 years or more, I'm not too sure.
He's the most un-bonsai bonsai you'll ever see, but he's amazing!


my little rescued puppy
we bought him off a bergy for R20
he was so skinny and hungry
he has such an adorable nature
and gets spoiled rotten



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