Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 1.2 : Night Photo

I went to school tonight. hahaha. 
i took my camera with, it was fun. 
There were loads more pictures where this came from. 
Good choice in theme, Heidi. It was fun. again. 

Hiiii :)
I got back last night after being on the South Coast for the weekend.
It's been raining for the last few nights. I do like it when it rains, but I just replaced my memory card, 
and I don't want to replace my camera or lenses soon, so I didn't risk a photo last night. ha. 
Here's a photo taken from my house a while back.
Hope everyone had an amaaazing weekend!

so I took this photo while adventuring at Rocking the Daisies...and that is Disco Dave,
doing his thing on stage. He was on with the rest of the artists of RTD All Stars. that outfit
really didn't do him any justice, but is succeeded in giving us all a good laugh! 

Nici. xx

i think somebody deleted my piicture
the moon is shining tonight
feel like i was hit by the daisy train
death in all the best aspects of the word


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