Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6.1: Something Strange

So here's the story. 
I'm pretty sick and i was out all day today without my camera, came home and slept and just woke up
i was about to go back to sleep when i realized i hadn't taken my shot for today.
so i cheated, i took this picture a while ago. 
but i thought it could be interpreted as something strange. 
So i'm going to take this opportunity to go to sleep. 

...something strange. or in this case, someone strange.
my brother, Jason. he is very strange, and he'll probably say the same thing
about me. but it's ok, coz I am! ...and we've already done self portraits
this week
Nici. xx


Here's a photo. It's quite a mission not having a memory card at the moment..
 I reeeally need to get one. ha.
 Going down the South Coast tomorrow with Ty! Should be fun :)


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