Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5.1: Your Home

This is my house.
i live here.
try not to stalk me.
jokes,that was pretty lame.


hi there i cheated. sorry . there was this idea of like sunset and longbeach
but the sun set while i was scoffing my face full of pasta
sooooorrrrry kids
BUT took this Photo in Paradise AKA Mentawaii's


this is my little piece of the wealthy life
house sitting a beautiful little place on the mountain
has such great views
its my home for a few more weeks
then we have to give it back =(

Does anyone want to hear my sob story? Probably not. But here it is:
I was a good girl took photo's of my housie this afternoon for today's task.
As I was trying to move my photo's from my memory card to my laptop, the card snapped.
Yes, snapped. Into two pieces. Split in half. Same thing.
Sooooo, I now don't have a memory card, and I also don't have today's pictures. Daaangit.
Here's a photo taken at home a few months ago instead :)
(Dad and Ty, Bluff braai.)
This is my house, in Edgemead.
Been living here since 2006. I love that I can open the doors
out onto the garden, its great in summer! Braai's
on the patio, always a good idea...
Nici. xx


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