Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4.1: Someone You Love

this sounds ridiculously cheesy, and straight out of a movie, but I
really did know from day 1 that Craig will be the guy I marry one
day. he is my best friend and my everything
Nici. xx

This is Nick. He's my cousin.
Today is his 16th Birthday. 
He also happens to be my favorite person in the world. 


we met last year
i think i started falling inlove from the moment we had a real conversation
Cam is my best friend
i heart you

This is fish.
He's a fish.
He's also a someone.
I love him.

my 2 boys
that i love sooo much
ant and i have been together for a year and 2 months
we are madly inlove
the puppy is Jack Daniels
our new baby
really makes a happy family


Tarryn Chudleigh said...

fish is soo cool!! i want to meet him, please can i ?
wooohooo i am also claiming the first comment on our blog .

Nici Clifton said...

Bronwyn, puppy is SO CUTE!!!!!

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