Thursday, October 13, 2011

4.2 Sunset

so i have been pretty busy lately and am trying to catch up with all these posts,
i took this in february somewhere on the west coast.
i think its cool

Ty took me to Moyo at uShaka for dinner tonight :)
We left extra early so that I could get a sunset photo.
 Of course the day that I choose a sunrise/sunset theme, its overcast.. Yay.
Here's a photo from tonight. I know its not a sunset, but it is orange, so lets just pretend. ha.
The sky was so pretty - I didn't even edit this photo at all!
I heart Dirtbin. X.

Sadly, this is the best you're getting out of me today.

I had a whole beach/surf trip planned, then driving on the N1, I saw a horrible bank of mist sitting exactly where I was headed. Phoned up a few friends, and they all said the weather was shitty. Bam, trip ruined. So I headed inside, and started working on design stuffs.

Mother nature has a funny sense of humour. Ended up being the most gorgeous sunset, and this shot here, is what I managed to see of it. View from my front door. Or lack of view. Very lame.

Nici. xx


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