Friday, October 14, 2011

5.2 : Today's Outfit

Not exactly a photo to match today's task. ha. 
Oh well. I just got home from a late lunch thing with some of my friendies, it was cute. 
I went into O'Neill today today to grab a few new things for Brazil (Yay!) ,
but I'm sitting in my pyjamas now, and I'm not sure that would make a great photo. ha.
This photo is from yesterday, and I am wearing an outfit, so i guess its good enough. haha. 
Hope everyone has an amaaaaaazing weekend!

yeah-so i forgot my memory card at home
sat around in muizenberg waiting all day for the
better half to finish work
this was taken 5 minutes before we left for the market
i look like a creepy emo kid with 
'drain' my imaginery friend

 Normally I'm dressed a lot smarter than this, but today I couldn't be bothered.
So I wore what I wanted. Not too exciting. But I do love that necklace...

Nici. xx


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