Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1.4 something that motivates you

This picture was taken last year December whilst i was on camp at Habonim Dror.
This camp happens every december and i live for it.
The thought of this camp is what is keeping me going at school these days,
and this thought will be with me during exams.
shomrim machaneh 2011

Yes, this is a photo of a farm.

I want to live on a farm one day, or a smallholding, whatever. I want lots of space, and tons of trees. A vineyard, an olive grove. A huge patio, with a big table in the middle to have family and friends over on the weekend. A separate design and photography studio somewhere on the property too. Love, joy and laughter radiating off my farm.

This motivates me every day to be the best designer, photographer, and person I can possibly be. I want a good, full life.

I heard something a while ago, and I remind myself of it every day... There was once a man who went to the wishing well every day, praying to the statue "please please please let me win the lottery", and one day the statue replied "please please please buy a ticket".

Nici. xx

This is a group of girls
(pretend i am not in the photo kahy)
they are extremely talented surfers 
aswell as some of my closest friends in the world
they motivate and push me to become a better surfer
and a better human being


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